What we do

Resourceful agriculture management

              Soil management
              Trainings on crop and seed rotation
              Promotion of organic fertilisers usage
              Creation of fruit gardens
              Drip irrigation system installation
              Creation of farmer units
              Workshops on land degradation prevention

Resourceful forest and pasture management

              Implementation of Joint Forest Management (JFM) scheme
              Enhancing expertise of local foresters
              Prevention of forest degradation and preserving bio-diversity
             Promotion of resourceful and effective use of forest
              Raising awareness of the value of bio-diversity and functions of the eco-system

Energy efficiency and electrification of rural areas

              Raising awareness of sustainable use of natural resources, energy efficient technologies and renewable energy
              Promotion of energy efficient stoves in private houses
              Installation of solar panels and solar pumps
              Mini-hydropower plant construction
              Insulation of private and public buildings

Development of infrastructure and local businesses

              Improving skills of local masters in the field of energy efficient technology production,
                as well as more traditional goods
              Trainings and support for local masters for production of energy
                efficient technology (turbines for mini-hydropower stations, double-glazed
                windows, heat exchangers, sealing insulation, restoration of traditional windows)
             Supplying electricity for small-scale business by means of modern energy efficient technology
              Providing businesses with non-commercial financial support for ensuring timely production of goods
             Conducting theory-based seminars and practical workshops on relevant topics