Energy-efficient stove in the Khatlon region, p. Tajikistan

Energy-efficient stove in the Khatlon region, p. Tajikistan

Many villages in the mountainous regions of Tajikistan do not have access to the central power lines. Other strong restrictions in electricity supply, especially in winter, which also has a negative impact on regional development. For cooking and heating are often used traditional stoves with very low efficiency due to the design features and low-quality material.

In 2014, the NGO "Bargi Sabz" with the financial support of OFID has launched the initiative to introduce energy-saving stoves in jamoats Khatlon region Baljuvon and Temurmalik. The fuel in the villages are most commonly used wood, coal and dried manure. The introduction of energy-saving techniques and technologies and the development of renewable energy sources allows us to approach to solving energy and environmental problems in a complex, benefiting both the environment and the local population.

To date, the inefficient use of fuel for cooking and space heating are the primary causes of forest degradation, as well as indirectly have a negative impact on a wide range of spheres of rural life as well as gathering fuel spent a lot of time and energy. After logging, the most significant consequences of inefficient fuel use and land degradation are resperatornye diseases caused by indoor smoke, which are more prone to women. Enrgoeffektivnye furnace tube for outputting smoke set "Bargi Sabz", in turn, reduces the need for at least twice as fuel and provide bezopastnost.

Our aim - to demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of energy conservation and assist the population of villages p. Tajikistan sberezhinii natural resources. We go to this purpose by the competent design of furnaces and technical of innovations that improve their effectiveness. Furthermore, we train local people to build efficient furnace alone, with material available locally.

More efficient stoves are helping to conserve natural resources and financial resources. Reduced smoke is beneficial to the health of the population. As the production of such furnaces may contribute to medium-sized businesses.