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Public Organisation “Bargi Sabz”

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Baljuvon district, center, Khatlon region,
Tel:  (+992) 91 8991012  (+992) 90 8800026
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October 23rd, 2013
1570 (Re-registration: November 12th,1570А)
Registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Tajikistan

Bargi Sabz (“Green Leaf”) is one of the leading public organisations in the Republic of Tajikistan. Our goal is to contribute to sustainable development of the rural areas and promote societal equality by assisting the most vulnerable segments of the local community in overcoming social, economic and ecological challenges. We are convinced that locally available resources are sufficient to facilitate regional economic development and boost quality of living of the rural population in an ecologically-sustainable manner. We are aiming to achieve this by promoting cooperation between local and international experts, combining traditional knowledge with modern resourceful methods and technology which makes our approach effective and unique. Moreover, we are successfully cooperating with our beneficiaries in order to develop realistic and long-lasting development strategies. We offer affordable solutions that match financial opportunities of the rural populations, as well as possess knowledge of technologies from a higher price range.

Our team consist of professional farmers, agronomists, engineers, lawyers, accountants, managers and craftsmen. Joint management is one of our priorities as it comes to decision-making – hence, project decisions are commonly discussed among experts with diverse qualifications.
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Hokim Gayurzod – Director
Main qualifications: Management, economic analysis, monitoring and evaluation, project proposals, finance management
Work experience: 15years

Jonibek Jumaev – Deputy Director
Main qualifications: Management of development projects, agronomy, forest management, data collection and analysis
Work experience: 10 years

Bahrullo Abdulloyev – Renewable Energy Specialist
Main qualifications: RE design, installation and assembling of green technologies (solar panels, solar pumps, mini- and pico-hydropower stations), consulting
Work experience: 10 years

Sadafmo Aliyeva – Community mobiliser
Main qualifications: Data collection and analysis, raising awareness of green technology benefits, technology installation monitoring
Work experience: 12 years

Firuza Asoyeva – Community mobiliser
Main qualifications: Data collection and analysis, raising awareness of green technology benefits, technology installation monitoring
Work experience: 20 years

Abdulmumin Ashurov – Civil engineer
Main qualifications: Hydropower systems design and construction
Work experience: 25 years

Jurabek Rajabov – Agronomist
Main qualifications: Оценка потенциала почвы, свойства сельскохозяйственных культур, разработка экологичных методик ведения сельского хозяйства
Work experience: 8 years

Tuychiboy Safarov – Pasture Management Consultant
Main qualifications: Assessment of soil, consultancy on effective joint pasture and agriculture
Work experience: 13 years

Rustam Yunusov – Finance Consultant
Main qualifications: Accounting systems installation, management of financial statements
Work experience: 6 years


Romy Lehns
Welthungerhilfe Tajikistan Country Director
Tel: (+992) 3722 48777
(+992) 9810 66535
(+49) 1767 0036 015
Dominik Zwiky
Welhungerhilfe Project Consultant
Tel: (+992) 9851 59747
(+49) 1767 8201 247
Zulfia Davlatbekova
EU Delegation in Tajikistan Programme Manager
Tel: (+992) 3722 17407
(+992) 44600 8090